An affordable anti-detection browser for secure work
Facebook, Google, TikTok, Betting forks, Crypto projects, Bonus hunting, Marketplaces, and more
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Antik Browser
5 reasons to switch to Antik Browser
Fast and efficient application performance, even on weak computers
Accounts last longer than in other anti-detection tools
Best technical support on the market
100% anonymity on all checkers
Simple and user-friendly interface - even beginners will understand
Full access to all features on every Antik Browser plan
Trial up to 7 days
10 profiles
30 profiles
150 profiles
300 profiles
Team 500
500 profiles
Team 1000
1000 profiles
You can create your own unique tariff to fit your goals and specific work features
Unlimited users
Unlimited users
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Frodo Sumkin
Testimonial from the Trust Pilot website
Convenient and functional antidetect browser. Can be used solo or in a team. Small price for use. Each profile is customizable. You can change typos, use a proxy, select the operating system, Memory, Canvas in, etc.
Antik hardly loads the system, you can open many profiles and work. It is also possible to export and import cookies and profiles. Constant software updates.
I recommend it for use!

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Pavel Lukienko
Testimonial from the Trust Pilot website
The best anti-detection browser
A very good antidetect browser. It is very convenient to work in a team of 500 profiles, everything is easy to find and it is difficult to lose something. We didn't notice any freezes or other problems. Thanks!

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Futomsky Ruslan
Testimonial from the Trust Pilot website
Wonderful Antik, I've been using it for 2 months. Fast support, loyal pricing policy. I recommend

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